Acquiring one small business rich in history, culture, and operational stability.


What Makes us Different


Years of small business expertise from acquisitions, operations, and successful exits.


Enriching a teamwork first culture through empowerment to provide the best results, with a happy team.


Providing the same fervor & energy from initial interest through the consummation of the acquisition to ensure a smooth transition for all parties.

About Us

Ujwal Velagapudi

Entrepreneur & Investor

Ujwal is a serial acquisition entrepreneur & investor, having bought & sold numerous businesses across multiple industries. His professional career began in supply chain management, working in the aerospace & automotive manufacturing industries, prior to leaving the corporate world to pursue his entrepreneurial ventures full time.

Ujwal’s passion for business comes from his genuine curiosity & desire to want to learn – everything. He earned his first entrepreneurial income from an online gaming website he built during his middle school years. His deal making ability started with the buying & selling of cars, then later purchasing commercial real estate buildings, and slowly evolved to acquiring small businesses.

The team, culture, and a rich history are some of the intangibles that inspire and attract Ujwal to a business. He loves to roll up his sleeves and work alongside every single team member, leading by action.

About Our Name

Navvuu comes from Navvu, which in Ujwal’s native language of Telugu,
from the South Indian region, means laughter. Ujwal simply loves to enjoy life & believes we could all use a good laugh, keeping a smile on our faces every day!

Passionate entrepreneur with a strong small business acquisition track record


Years of Entrepreneurial Acquisition & Operational Experience


Acquisition or Sale Transactions

Priceless Lessons Learned

Acquisition Criteria

Acquiring small businesses to continue & grow it’s rich culture, values, and team.

In it for the long haul, continuing your legacy for future generations.



$1M – $5M EBITDA

Stable YoY growth for past 3 years

Gross margins 30%+

Recurring/reoccurring revenues

Long term contracts in place



10+ years in business

Low client concentration

Some management in place

National/multi-state client base


Local market leader

High barrier to entry

Licensed industries

Great seller chemistry for a smooth transition

The Process

With only 1 decision-maker and liquid capital, we are able to expedite the process with creative & flexible deal structures with a win-win scenario for all parties

Step 1

Initial Introduction

Step 2

Preliminary Analysis

Step 3

Letter of Intent

Step 4

Due Diligence

Step 5

Closing of Acquisition

Step 6


Step 7

Operational Stability & Future Growth

  • The approximate process duration will vary from 60 – 120 days

Contact Us

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    Ujwal Velagapudi



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